A Black man using a laptop while eating a sandwich.

The Lunch Counter: A Space for Black Folx.

September 7, 2022

If you are a Black person who works in a predominately white workspace, we need to talk.

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Kimberley, a Black woman, stands confidently wearing a blue floral kokum scarf and cat-eye glasses amid hanging lights on an street side patio. The expression on her face is saying," I see all of the DEI work that business leaders are not doing."

Globe and Mail Interview.

August 23, 2022

The Globe and Mail asked for my thoughts on the current state of DEI efforts in Canada, and I did not mince any words.

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A white sign hangs in a store front window that says "See You Later" with the a hand waving goodbye in the lower left corner.

Goodbye to Ghostwriting

July 19, 2022

Recently I woke up and realized that something had to give, and this time it isn't going to be me.

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On a blue background is the image of a wave with two hands reaching out to grasp a helping hand on the left.

Allyship Fundamentals: Offering Helpful Support

June 7, 2022

We are all swimming in the sea of patriarchy. To enact change, we each need to apply our privileges to consciously support those who are drowning in oppression.

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The white Ko-Fi cup with a pink heart in the centre sits on a white background.

My New Content Home

May 12, 2022

Salt Box is the new home of my paid subscription DEI content. Here are some FAQs about the space. ‍

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