The Anti-Racism Ally Assessment Tool.

April 10, 2023
A Black person looks directly at a group of white aspiring allies as a series of unanswered questions float between them. The white folx consciously avert their eyes as they are woefully unprepared and desperately seek absolution.

May 25th will mark three years since the murder of George Floyd, and within every month of the year, there is a similar violent anniversary.


With each new emerging headline, Black folx are left rife with compounding grief and the trauma of linked fate as white allies show up with feigned ignorance asking, "What can we do?"


To end this tried and true stall tactic, I suggest that we, as Black folx, flip the script and ask a few questions of our own. It is high time that we start vetting the capabilities and actions of self-ascribed allies; We need to move beyond accepting their black squares and sad emojis as solidarity. To support the setting of such standards, I have written The Anti-Racism Ally Assessment Tool.

This list of 20 questions will give people who deal with racism an indication as to where their friends, neighbours, coworkers and family are on their allyship journey. So instead of waiting around to find the landmines of their fragility, ask these questions upfront and protect your peace.

The responses to these carefully written queries will give you a sense of

  • who in your life is processing not parroting an equity practice,
  • who in your life is processing not parroting an equity practice,
  • who can give without getting a gold star,
  • who can hold space for emotion, not just emulate empathy,
  • who's doing the work and not just talking about how racism makes them feel.

While this tool is not based on science and research, it is firmly rooted in the common sense ancestral energy that has allowed us to survive centuries of indignity.

Before letting a self-ascribed ally into your life, seek evidence beyond their intentions. Be not hoodwinked.

Love, peace, and nappiness,

Ps. Aspiring allies, you are also welcome to engage with this tool. However, unlike in school, it is impossible to cheat at establishing an anti-racism practice, and the true test comes when you are called to put your comfort and privilege on the line.

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