Silencing + Shadow Bans = Salt Box

May 23, 2023
The yellow and green Salt Box logo sits on a black background.

My frustrations with LinkedIn are well documented in my timeline, and I am decidedly done fighting "the algorithm." Since 2020 I have shared hundreds of callouts to challenge normalized racist rhetoric and offer critical food for thought questions. Yet, as my follower count steadily increases, the reach of my work "mysteriously" declines. It is crystal clear who owns that house and that I've outworn my welcome. In failing to colour within the lines of corporate comfort by holding employers accountable to their inclusion statements, my posts are "unintentionally" sidelined with staggering regularity. The same platform that claims to connect people paternalistically decides who will be seen and heard — a strategy designed to sustain the status quo.


- Silencing and shadow banning are playbook practices LinkedIn uses against Black equity educators, as our "allies" feign outrage and do absolutely nothing.🤨

- Continuing to post about racism and discrimination as I do will eventually lead to the complete removal of my account.

Just as in the workforce at large, LinkedIn is a space that welcomes diversity yet "unconsciously" fails to foster inclusion and belonging. In a proactive response, my weekly writings will now live entirely in my paid content space, Salt Box. Posting behind a paywall allows my voice to be centred, protects my peace, and drops a few dollars into my bucket of systemic pay inequity. Moving forward, I will only use LinkedIn to promote my resources and events, along with the work of folx within my community. While the gallery and eStore in Salt Box are available for everyone to peruse, only paid subscribers can access to the locked content.

My house is for those who experience workplace discrimination and those actively advocating against harm.

Please note:

I am not a therapist. I am not an expositor. And I do not give gold stars. I am a Black equity writer with an outstanding vocabulary. Nothing more, nothing less.

The discourse served at my table is not fit for the fragile, so aspiring allies, kindly vet yourselves before taking a seat.

Finally, please only (re)post or comment about my content space if you are actually an existing subscriber. I have no use for such performative gestures at this *junxure."

Peace and nappiness,


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