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May 12, 2022
The white Ko-Fi cup with a pink heart in the centre sits on a white background.

👩‍🦰: Hey Kimberley, I heard that you have moved your content over to a paid subscription format!

👩🏾: Yes, I have. My new space is called Salt Box and here's everything that you need to know.


Why did you name the space Salt Box?
The term is the repurposing of the name for an economic style of a colonial home. It's also a play on the term "soapbox" — a place on which people stand when they want to make an announcement. Instead of soap, my box is filled with unrefined smoked salt.

Why are you charging for your content?
Since 2020 I have shared 250+ posts on LinkedIn — a platform on which I am slowly being shadow banned. Having had enough of censoring my work and being fed up with enduring the protection of hate speech on free social media platforms, charging for access to my content was the only option.
It is my hope that by removing myself from the wild terrain of LinkedIn and Instagram my followers will be more comfortable leaving comments about their lived experiences. (Those who are still worried about being identified are welcome to join with a pseudonym or alternate email address.)

How much will a monthly subscription cost?
At the moment there are a handful of posts that I have reshared from LinkedIn — this content will be available for free. Visitors are welcome to submit a tip of $3+ for these pieces, however, they cannot comment on these posts. Monthly subscribers, aka Supporters, will have access to exclusive content and be able to engage in discussions for $7 CDN a month. This amount works out to about $5 USD (for other currencies, use this calculator.) This fee is comparable to that being charged for DEI content by creatives on other platforms.  

Why did you choose Ko-Fi as your content-sharing platform?
There are literally dozens of similar spaces available; I chose Ko-Fi for two main reasons:

1. Simplicity is Queen! I wanted a space that looked good and had the functions I was looking for — nothing more, nothing less.

2. Ko-Fi is the home of 500K content creators; it is a community centred around art of all types which is my kind of work environment.

When will new content be shared?
To get started, new content will be shared by 9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This schedule will continue for as long as it feels organic to me.

Will you continue sharing content on LinkedIn?
Posts that promote events, my business, or advocate for others in the DEI space will continue to be shared on LinkedIn. These will incorporate my salty style, however, the core of my content will be housed in Salt Box.

What will the funds earned be used for?
The funds earned will be used to cover my business operational fees as well as my professional development goals. There are several courses and books I want to buy that collectively are a touch pricey. Educating my followers in exchange for a few dollars to educate myself is an equitable exchange.

I am super excited to serve up some fresh salt and to partake in discussions away from "the gaze." If you have any questions, please feel free to complete this inquiry form.

I look forward to seeing you in my new home!

🤎 Kimberley

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