Limiting LinkedIn

March 10, 2022
On a desk sits a tablet with the LinkedIn app on the screen.

Dear Longstanding LinkedIn Connections & Followers,

One way to protect my peace is to limit who has access to my time and talent. As such, I will be reducing my engagement on LinkedIn over the next few months. This space has depths of toxicity that largely go unchecked and frankly I've had enough. Writing about discrimination on a platform that shadowbans my content while bigots run wild is not a productive use of my energy. After 250+ posts, I have learned where the lines of "allowable content" are drawn, and to remain here primarily would be like placing an Olympic swimmer into a backyard kiddy pool that has an inch of water.

(Read that last line again.)

My new "house" is currently under construction, and I will invite you over once it's ready. Please be advised that there will be a subscription fee -- and no this isn't a cash-grab. I am charging for two reasons:

1. Inherent value.
My content is worth every single penny. (If you think the pieces that I share here are rich, you should see the ones that I've had in reserve.)

2. Paywall protection.
The one thing I know about racist, misogynistic, homophobes is that they are stingy and tend to yell loudest in spaces that are free. Fees will hopefully keep them at bay and give me more power to identify/remove any interlopers.


I need room to breathe deeply. And I deserve space to exist without the gaze of aspiring allies who sit back, listening and learning with popcorn in hand as people who face isms are subjected to unbridled verbal attacks on this platform. The level of selective silence by some of my most vocal followers is disturbing. (Yes, I have noticed, and I am not impressed. You say that I "inspire" you, yet you continue doing nothing -- make it make sense.)

Social equity is not entertainment and I am fed up with the people who thank me for reminding them to check their privilege.

FYI: My work has more depth than a post-it note. 🤨


Let me be clear. I don't plan to leave LinkedIn entirely, I just plan to be more strategic with its use. Moving my core content away from here will provide some much-needed distance from the spectrum of harm that spans from the overtly violent to those who "need more time."

That's all I have to say for now.
More details will be shared shortly.


Update: May 5, 2022 my new house is now open! Feel free to stop by for a visit @ Salt Box

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