Goodbye to Ghostwriting

July 19, 2022
A white sign hangs in a store front window that says "See You Later" with the a hand waving goodbye in the lower left corner.

In September, I had planned to re-open my ghostwriting client schedule. However, after some thought and consideration, I have decided to permanently retire my ghostwriter moniker and services. Once my current contracts are fulfilled, ghostwriting will no longer be my primary service offering. There are dozens of other ways I can (and will) challenge workplace discrimination moving forward, and I will share more about that shortly. 

To all of my clients who face isms, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your journey; it has been a labour of love and profound honour to give voice to your stories. I welcome you to subscribe to my exclusive content home, Salt Box, for continued validation and discussion of your lived experiences. We can share the purest salt in this space without the ire-filled "gaze." 

👩🏼: But Kimberley, what will I do once I get over my self-imposed overwhelm and actually decide to behave as an ally? Who will be there to help me write a letter to challenge my workplace? If you are not indefinitely available to hold my hand, how will I ever find my voice to become a good ally? (Bursts into tears.) Can't you just give us some more time? 

👩🏾: No. Miss Lady, all of that is YOUR work to do. In the two years that I have publicly offered my services, only ONE white aspiring ally has ever engaged me to write a letter to address workplace racism, and that experience ended with me sustaining racial trauma (ironic, isn't it?) As such, I trust that there will be no urgent need for my support in the foreseeable future. Whiteness has demonstrated time and time again that it has no interest in achieving social justice. Doubt the truth in that statement? Do a quick Google search for the names of all the unarmed Black people who police have killed since 2020. Once you have said all of their names, go and sit with yourself.  

On the off-chance that you do decide to work past your willful ignorance, I trust that you will be able to readily apply all that you have listened and learned to skillfully write a suitable letter based on your allyship journey to date. You clearly haven't wanted my help to position your privilege thus far, and I have better things to do than be on standby waiting for your sense of humanity to kick in. 

👨🏾‍: So, Kimberley, give me some real talk. You've done some heavy lifting with the volume of work you have written on and offline – you alright, Sis?

👩🏾: No, I'm not. And thank you for asking. The truth is that I am tired, really tired. I have been holding a lot in my head for the past 26 months, and something has to give. Historically Black women have been required to be "strong" and "resilient" because we literally had no choice. The ancestors did not know rest and fought for the options I am now exercising. Although I am sad to end this iteration of my work, I am simultaneously relieved. It is worth noting that I do plan to continue writing under my own name and engaging in the DEI space. However, my work moving forward will be slower and more organic to my nature. In the interim, I shall rest. It has been a very long time since I have been able to breathe this deeply.

To celebrate and say goodbye to this chapter of my career, I am hosting a live audio event where I will answer some of the DEI questions posed by my LinkedIn followers. 

🤎 Kimberley

Write Now! Stories of a DEI Ghostwriter

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Time: 12:30 - 2:00 pm EST

Format: Zoom (audio only; closed captioned)

Cost: $30 CDN

Questions can be submitted via the registration link.

  • $5 from every ticket will be donated to Black and Indigenous interest groups in Ontario, Canada.
  • The recording of this event will not be shared.
  • Accommodation requests can be sent to:
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