Salt Box: Content for People Who Face Workplace Discrimination.

January 18, 2023
Salt in a glass jar.

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From 2020-2022 I posted 3-5x a week on LinkedIn because I had a lot to say, and I wanted to learn all I could about the platform. As such, here are my high-level takeaways: 

The Good: I have built an audience that shares my values and supports my business. Plus, I've met some great people and fellow content creators, a few of whom have become friends offline. 

The Bad: Posts that advocate for the rights of Black people get "lost" in the algorithm and never see the light of day unless it is Black History Month, or Dr. King's quotes are being used out of context to #inspire people to #BeKind. 🙄

The Ugly: LinkedIn is a wide open space with non-existent safety protocols. People with intersecting identities are regularly subjected to violent name-calling and verbal attacks with no consequences. Meanwhile, the trolls are protected and encouraged to spread their hate freely. Sleazy men harass women with no recourse. And during Pride month, rainbow-washed logos pop up at every turn, whilst homophobic comments "fail to violate any community standards." #Really? 

Because of the ever-present potential for harm, I had to limit my comments section to connections only, and that has not been enough of a safeguard. Vile people clearly have more time than sense and have sent connection requests just so they can spew hate-filled venom at me. Meanwhile, my online performative allies pretend to be asleep.  

🧔🏼: Well, Kimberley, if you swim in a public pool, you can't expect the water to be the cleanest. So, you have to appreciate that it is a challenging space to monitor. 

👩🏾: Mr. Whiteman, what I have no appreciation for is your condescension. And it is for that reason that I have taken my core content to a subscription content space called Salt Box, where any harmful people will have their access revoked. This way, I can share content that is too salty for LinkedIn, and more importantly, people who face isms will have breathing space to share and receive validation of their lived experiences. 

👭: Does this mean you will not post on LinkedIn anymore? 

👩🏾: I will not be leaving LinkedIn. I simply will limit the frequency and types of posts I share in that space. 

🧕🏼: What topics will be discussed in Salt Box? 

👩🏾: We will talk about lived experiences of workplace racism and topics relevant to the historically excluded. 

🧔: Can aspiring allies join the community? 

👩🏾: As everyone will sign up online without vetting, there is no real way of me knowing if or when allies join the group. However, everyone will have to agree to the rules of conduct and allies are asked to keep their comments to a minimum. Gazers and devil's advocates will be escorted out of the space without notice. 

👷🏾️: How much does it cost to subscribe to Salt Box?

👩🏾: $7 CDN per month. Members will have access to two salt-infused posts a week and have an opportunity to connect with me and fellow subscribers in the comments section. That is where we can talk the talk and say ALL the things for less than two dollars a week!

🧓🏾: This sounds great, Kimberley. Where do I sign up? 

👩🏾:  You are welcome to subscribe to Salt Box here.

Here's hoping that 2023 will be a peace-protected and prosperous year.

🤎 Kimberley

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