Kimberley John‑Morgan


I am a diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) content writer and educator who unapologetically calls out workplace discrimination in ALL its forms.

With a degree in Sociology and a diploma in Career and Work Counselling, I have 20 years of experience as a career development practitioner. Within that time, I have worked with dozens of populations that include internationally trained professionals, street-involved youth, career changers, college students, and new graduates. With a demonstrated commitment to creating a workforce that respects identity intersections, I write, speak, and educate through my private practice, Junxure Consulting.

As a Black woman and equity advocate with an astounding vocabulary, based in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), I educate clients worldwide about the discrimination that hides in plain sight.

This is an image of Kimberley John-Morgan. She is a Black woman with dark hair. She is smiling and is wearing a black dress and glasses.
"I am not angry, I am articulate."
—Kimberley John-Morgan


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